To you who operate boilers

Maximum safety, a sound working environment and an easier everyday!

These are the keywords for the collaboration we have with many boiler operators and district heating people all over the country every day.

This is not something we have thought up ourselves but the result of many years of listening to needs and wishes. And if there is one specific time where you have to pay exceptionally good attention, it is when the boiler operators state their opinion.

Boilers are systems under high pressure and high temperature and that potentially makes life as a boiler operator dangerous.
Even the smallest error can have catastrophic consequences. If you are lucky and the error does not result in an accident but only a boiler stop then that is quite bothersome, expensive and tiresome anyway.

Therefore there are very strict requirements and rules for operating a modern boiler plant. More stringent training requirements, increased operation requirements for 24-hours/72-hours operation, increased focus on the purity of the steam and heat production and much more. All this usually results in the everyday being a challenge.

So, how can we help you making your everyday as a boiler operator easier and at the same time prioritize safety and production? This is where we take action:

No more manual handling of chemicals!

We only deliver high technological, fluent, dosing ready specialty chemicals. You can dose right from the containers and forget all about handling chemicals, mixing chemicals yourself, handling dosing tanks, stirring etc. This creates a much better working environment for you and a much easier everyday!
Take the lid of the container, put in the dosing pump suction nuzzle – and you are up and running again! The process only takes about 10 seconds 1-2 times a month!!

Meet all the 24/72-hours requirements, food requirements and requirements from the boiler manufacturer

We only deliver specialty chemicals that are developed according to the latest operation- and safety requirements from acti-Chem. We even have specialty chemicals that are adapted to the respective boiler types, for example steam generators, kanalrøgrørskedler, electric boiler, and water tube boilers. When using the acti-Chem technology your supervising authority will be satisfied and approve operation without remarks since all products and self inspection are adapted to all the latest requirements. Furthermore all our specialty chemicals are approved for food, USDA/GRAS, HACCP-approved and more where necessary.

Easy and fast self inspection! Get test kits and self inspection reports

You can easily measure all our specialty chemicals yourself and regulate them in order to obtain the right numbers. We have developed a simple and complete boiler-operator-kit that we call Boiler-Check. With this kit you can easily and accurately measure all parameters in your boiler water. You also get a self inspection report that is adjusted to the specific requirements and values of your plant. You furthermore get an “SOP” from us – a Standard Operational Procedure. With this at hand you can regulate all values no matter what happens in the water treatment of your plant.

Everyday assistance

We offer you a close collaboration regarding your water treatment. We frequently visit and can take water samples that are analyzed immediately on site. You get a detailed analysis report and we talk about values and options. We help you regulate in order to ensure the operation and your work becomes easier and safer.

Only high technological and well documented products – no tannins or the like at acti-Chem!

 As mentioned, you only get the newest and most advanced specialty products for your boiler plant with acti-Chem. Tannins and other outdated products have never been part of our product port folio. They may have been justified many years ago when there was none of the alternatives that we have today. But considering today’s knowledge and technology they should not be used. Take Germany for instance – you cannot get approval for a boiler plant operation that use tannins, and there is a reason for that! Contact acti-Chem and hear how you can out phase your tannin products and get large advantages and savings!