Great savings and improvements through modern boiler water treatment

Steam is used everywhere as a process- and heating media in a number of important industrial processes. Steam production is often the core in a company’s entire production process, even though few of us realize it.
An unacceptable steam quality, a boiler running with just a minimally reduced efficiency or closed down steam boiler equals a loss in production capacity, increased energy- and water usage and problems and delays in the daily business - all very expensive and a hassle.

The right boiler water treatment can ensure that the boiler delivers clean and dry steam in the necessary amounts many years ahead – without expensive stop-downs and unnecessary increase in consumption of energy, water or chemicals. In addition to ensuring an optimal protection of the boiler plant itself and related production facility it is important that the daily boiler operation is executed as economical and as time-saving as possible. Hear more about how you can considerably minimize your water-, chemical-, and energy consumption by using an acti-Chem solution for your boiler water treatment – and thereby also gain significant savings and improvements in daily business. 

No matter if you have a steam boiler, steam generator,  electro boiler, hot water- or superheated water boiler, there is new knowledge, new products and local day-to-day assistance for you. The key words for the solutions you can get with the acti-Chem concept Energy Efficient Water Treatment for Boiler Plants include (among other):

  • Pure Steam Guarantee – always clean and dry steam
  • Prolonged life time for the plant and less costs for operation and maintenance
  • Reduced energy- and water consumption – up to 98% reduction in loss
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Full 24/72-hour agreement – complies with all international norms
  • Total protection against corrosion and deposits – including the steam- and condensate net
  • Food approved/FDA/GRAS approved specialty chemical with HACCP clearing
  • Fully automated operation control – option for control/monitoring over the internet (own IP address).
  • Boiler Check test kits for boiler operators including Danish/English instruction and log book
  • Softening system and reverse osmosis system
  • Dosing system
  • Running analytical follow-up/operations chemical control locally on site.

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