Energy Efficient Cooling Water

A determined research and development towards increasingly more efficient products with new and more specific advantages has made it possible for us to offer our clients a cooling water technology that takes an exceptional position on the market.

  • Calcium and solids stabilization in extremely high concentrations and contact temperatures
  • Perfect corrosion protection for all types of metal
  • Powerful biocide effects without affecting the external environment
  • The opportunity for huge water savings in recycling plants
  • Newly developed products for phosphorus – and nitrogen free operation (“P+N-free”)

In addition to ensuring maximum protection of the cooling plant itself and the related production facility it is important that operation is as economical as possible. Learn more about how you can considerably reduce water, chemical, and energy consumption through modern cooling water treatment, and thereby gain significant savings. No matter if you work with open or closed cooling systems, there is new knowledge to be picked up with acti-Chem.