A competent partner and an environmental engineering company present itself

  • Founded in 1995 by a Danish chemical engineer
  • Market leader and primary region Scandinavia
  • Latest products and knowledge fast to you
  • AAA-rated – your guarantee for a stable partner
  • Focus on total solutions that create added value for you
  • Countrywide service organization.


First and foremost, thank you for your interest in acti-Chem. We will give you a short introduction on who we are and – especially – what we can do for you. 

The beginning
acti-Chem was founded in 1995 by Thomas I. Clausen, who is a chemical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and who is still team leader of an experienced and committed group of employees. Back then the business concept was to develop special products and total concepts to the Danish and Scandinavian manufacturing industry where the need for water treatment was biggest. The method was to ally ourselves with the best chemists in Europe and set a whole new agenda for our region.

Focus would primarily be put on cooling water, boiler feed water, process water and district heating. This focus is maintained still today, based on the motto: rather profound than diverse!

The background for the beginning was also that we discovered that there was a big gap between the best available technology and the solutions delivered in Scandinavia. For the customers this meant a big loss in value due to reduced efficiency and production capacity as well as an unnecessary overconsumption of energy, water and chemicals. CO2 reduction through water treatment was practically unheard of.

You could say that we started ‘running against the wind’.  Our announcements on new products and solutions that would earn back the investment many times over through savings and improvements were news to most. Today the situation has completely changed! The winds have turned, well aided by requirements of profitability in production, soaring prices on energy and water and an increased focus on decreasing the direct and the indirect CO2 emission. Years of running against the wind gives us a considerable head start compared to our competitors – a head start that will be a benefit to you and your company.
acti-Chem is a well-based company (AAA-rated since 2004) that appears as an attractive choice as your business partner.

What you get, is an expert company with 100% focus in delivering high technological and innovative total solutions that meet your special requirements. You get the most experienced business partner in the industry of energy efficient water treatment and we can document results that are sure to interest you. We daily service some of Scandinavia’s largest and most critical systems within the food industry, chemical industry, energy plants etc. A good reason for choosing us is that we have seen almost all, have the required scientific ballast and know your needs. Therefore you get the right solution in first try – within the agreement and without time waste!

You should choose acti-Chem, because you are never alone with the task and because we guarantee the best and over all cheapest solution.  In addition hereto, we give you extended guarantees of reduction in consumption of energy, water and chemicals and at the same time your direct and indirect CO2 emission is reduced. No one in the industry can match this!

You also get competent local assistance to maintain the highest possible technical end environmental standard of your production systems – at the lowest possible total cost! This gives you an easier, less complicated everyday so you can keep focus on what is important and the most fun to you.

Our concept, Total Water Management ®, represents an exciting novelty on the market of industrial water management. For the first time a delivery form that is based on methodology and a holistic approach has been created rather than isolated product deliveries. Read more about the concept. 

Today acti-Chem has established its own nationwide sales- and service organization and we are currently expanding our export business. We furthermore participate in close development cooperation with some of Europe’s leading chemical companies within our area of business and can service our clients with a strong organization consisting of several:

  • ISO 9000 certified production plants
  • Chemical analysis laboratories
  • Large stocks in Denmark and Norway

Thanks to the challenges of our clients and their loyalty over the years, acti-Chem has built up a considerable expertise within a wide range of areas within the industrial water treatment sector.

It is this expert knowledge and experience we offer to place at your disposal today. Combined with our commitment and ability to follow up on projects locally, we aim at a long term and close cooperation with our clients. We want to become part of your earnings – not your costs.

Contact us for a non-binding talk about energy efficient water treatment and the output available to you and your company.

If you are not already a client with acti-Chem, we look forward to welcoming you.