Energy Efficient District Heating Water

Why use acti-Chem products? It is no secret that for many years acti-Chem has argued that the traditional way of treating water in the district heating sector is insufficient compared to the opportunities and requirement that apply.
acti-Chem has therefore released a new product line, specifically developed for the needs and requirements that are necessary for an optimal and modern treatment of district heating water.  

Because the products are developed specifically for the district heating sector, we can offer you an extensive delivery of specialty products and service that no other supplier can match,
In this material we present a selection of products and advantages which you can get access to by selecting acti-Chem’s products.

Ammonium prevention and protection, corrosion measurement, on-line chemical measuring, selective accu tank protection etc. are just some of the new issues that acti-Chem has introduced in relation to district heating.

New requirements from the Danish District Heating Association must be met – is your plant ready?
Today, many plants are still facing the challenge of revising their water management concept as a consequence of the DDHA’s latest guideline (2000) for correct water treatment. acti-Chem has over a number of years marketed an overall concept for the district heating sector which in relation to the new DDHA guideline takes the leading position on the market. Therefore we have become the most experienced total suppliers on the market today in meeting these new and intensified operating requirements.

acti-Chem has through a number of years been a loyal support and partner to the Danish District Heating Association. We have been a member of the organization since 1996 and are always happy to meet the many committed district heating people at for example the Annual Meeting. acti-Chem always participates with a stand and a technical crew who are always ready to inform you about opportunities.