Great savings and improvements through modern boiler water treatment

Here you will get a short introduction to needs and opportunities. For more information click here.

Your challenges and needs:

  • Corrosion and deposit protection of the entire boiler plant, including steam and condensate system
  • Need for clean and dry steam no matter the load
  • Need for energy- and water savings including CO2 reductions
  • Compliance with the latest 24/72-hours operation and boiler manufacturer’s requirements
  • Compliance with food-/pharmaceutical-/veterinary requirements
  • Ability to analyze and validate through reliable self inspection
  • Must be easy and not time consuming in the daily routine

Your solution from acti-Chem could for example include:

  • Boiler-Tec and Steam-Tec specialty chemicals
  • Boiler Check test kits
  • Acti-Dos dosing units
  • Acti-Master process control equipment
  • Acti-Safe service- and operation agreements, Total Water Management agreements etc
  • Local follow-up and assistance for everything – both before and after start up and during operation

Your advantages – This is how we create value for you:

  • Total protection against corrosion and deposits – in the entire plant!
  • Up to 98% less water- energy and chemical loss
  • Approved for the new 24/72-hours  operation
  • Only Food/Pharma approved Boiler-Tec and Steam-Tec products (USDA/FDA/GRAS/Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
  • No manual mixing or handling of chemicals – only ready and dosing ready specialty chemicals
  • All products can easily be analyzed with the simple Boiler Check boiler operator test kit
  • Extensive local follow-up with chemical analysis and detailed documentation that everything runs optimally.

Overall we offer you great advantages for the operation, big savings and a hand to the environment – and a much easier everyday for you so you can keep focus on the things that are most important and the fun for you.

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