Water – necessary but complicated!

No water – no life; no living creature can survive without water. But in industrial applications water is actually a threat! Water in its natural form is extremely harmful to all production equipment. When you for example heat, cool, pump, recycle or filter water one or more problems will always arise: corrosion, deposits, bacteria growth, water- and energy loss, contamination, production loss etc. Even though you have complied with all existing norms for example by softening the water, filtered or deaerated it, it is far from sufficient. Water promote physical and chemical processes inside your plant that you can never completely stop or avoid. acti-Chem can however help you delay or slow-down these harmfull processes to a degree that they will not have any consequences for you in practise.

The solution is setting in against these harmful forces with weldocumented technologies and methods. And all in a way that saves energy and water at the same time. This is why acti-Chem’s concept is so unique and why you gain most value with us.

There are no quick-fix solutions to these challenges. This is why you should use acti-Chem and the ressource we put at your disposal. Have a look at the challenges you face:

Corrosion is also called wear or rust. It degrades the metals in your plant. Metal is not “very fond” of being water pipes, boilers, cooling systems, valves etc. The metals wait for the slightest reason to return to the ore stage – and this reason is often served right to the front door in the form of water! Water as a buffer media and it’s contents of elctrolytes (ions, salt), oxygen, bacteria, particles etc. provide the optimum conditions – and the process is initiated.  
Corrosion cost society app 4% of the Danish GDP i.e. billions of euro every year. With acti-Chem’s products and methods the corrosion can be slowed down so much that it will not affect your plant in practise. We guarantee you!

Deposits are created whem water is heated, cooled, circulated, stand still or have substances removed etc. – in short – always! No matter if you have pre-treated the water with filters, softening, reverse osmosis or somethi ng of the likes, you will always get deposits. Deposits stem from precipitation of problem substances in the water. When these substances precipitate they form a coating on pipes, trimmers, plants etc.  
This is inconvenient for a number of reasons. The deposits partly work as insulants, meaning they increase your energy consumption and consequently your costs and environmental impact. Furthermore, the deposits are dangerous because there is a risk of corrosion under the deposits. acti-Chem has developed a series of technologies that provide optimum protection against deposits. We guarantee you this as well!

Bacteria constitute a very serious threat to the health and safety of the staff and production area. Every year incorrect water treatment is the direct reason for loss of large production values and infection risks. In particular it is the life threatening Legionella-bacteria that claim the biggest focus. If the water is not constantly treated for Legionella and other bacteria, you take unnecessary risks. In many countries (i.e. England, Germany, France and USA) there is specific legislation that dictates how operations must be protected against Legionella.

The acti-Chem Legionella management pack includes everything you need to be on the safe side – all the time! We deliver everything from preliminary investigations to chemicals and modern plant engineering that automatically monitors that the plant is optimally protected. You will find that the solutions provided by acti-Chem are far ahead of anyone else, also when it comes to Legionella control.  Once again with our unique guarantee!

Consumption of water, energy, and chemicals
The constant focus on profitability and optimization or production probably plays a significant role in your everyday as well. If the water treatment is not kept at an optimum you risk huge additional costs on consumption of energy, water and chemicals. We have many examples of reductions in base-blowing from boilers of up to 95%, reductions in draining from cooling plants of up to 75%, and savings in energy consumption over 5%! You don’t quite imagine that incorrect water treatment can have such dramatic consequences for the operation costs.
Let acti-Chem give you advice on where to start. This way you get a rapid return on investment. This we guarantee you as well.

Environmental impact
When your water treatment isn’t working optimally, you use too much energy, water and chemicals. This means that your net environmental impact is considerably bigger than you expected. In addition to huge additional costs, this also results in a bigger CO2 emission and consequently an undesired carbon footprint and affects your environmental profile negatively. If you do”Green Accounts” this is operational status is directly undesirable.

Luckily, you do not have to live with these problems. With an acti-Chem solution you are ensured that the plant is always running with the smallest possible use of resources and consequently also the smallest possible environmental impact.
We guarantee you this as well – again as the only ones on the market!
Every day we visit many industrial plants all over Scandinavia. With acti-Chem you therefore have a partner that has a good insight into your needs and challenges!

We understand that it is not the easiest of tasks being responsible for operation, finances and environmental status of boiler plants, cooling plants, processing plants, energy plants etc. Today it is a far more complex task than ever before. With the very strict, but necessary, focus on operation, costs, time, and environment you are constantly faced with requirements to:

  • Improved and more efficient and safer operations and productions
  • Maximum live time and no stop-downs
  • Reduced costs for energy, water and chemicals
  • Reduced costs for repairs and maintenance
  • Detailed documentation that show that things run optimally
  • Reduced environmental impact including in particular reduced CO2 emission and waste water

We offer you a unique collaboration that in addition to solving your challenges also gives you extensive savings and improvements (read more on the front page). And as a result hereof you also cross the finish line with confidence with any one of your tasks – and at the same time you get are more fun and easier everyday, where you can keep focus on what’s of primary importance to you.  

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