Day-to-Day delivery and competent local follow-up


  • You get the best follow-up and service concept on the market – nothing less!
  • Fast delivery – order before 11:30 am and get delivery the next day!
  • No minimum orders or fees – shop when you want and how you want
  • Nationwide service team that deliver competent local follow-up
  • Immediate analysis of water samples on site – including immediate regulation/optimization
  • Lab back-up for specific analysis needs.

No product or solution is better than the follow-up that comes with it!

When you pick acti-Chem for your partner you are not alone with the challenges. Ever! You can count on things running optimally and they are followed up – all the time! No time waste - no hassle!
Our company is organized so that you can be serviced at once! You will therefore never experience failure in delivery or time schedule when leaving your water treatment with us.


  • Day-to-Day delivery of all products (specialty chemicals, pumps, controllers, test-kits and spare parts!)
  • Order before 11:30 am and you will have your goods the following day – no matter where you live!
  • Two well-established stocks locally in Denmark
  • A call-center in Fredensborg and skilled local technicians all over Denmark!
  • Order how you want – by phone, mail, homepage, or from your local act-Chem technician
  • No minimum order and no ordering fees! Shop how you want!

Local competent follow-up:

  • We offer extensive analytical-chemical follow-up locally on site (Operations Technical Service Agreement)
  • All water samples are analyzed immediately and you get a detailed analysis report that show status
  • All deviations from ideal level is immediately regulated in consultation with you during the visit
  • All products are preferably delivered with a Service Agreement
  • Option for call-in service for emergency cases!

Lab analysis:

  • Of water samples
  • Of solids samples
  • For Legionella and other microorganisms (accredited!)
  • Corrosion measurements
  • Specialty tasks

Some believe that you can only experience good service when something goes wrong – at acti-Chem we aim at delivering great service all time! If you want se know how we back up this statement, have a look at our Value Promise to you.
You are also welcome to have a talk with some of our clients – then you will see that these are not just hollow words.