Beware of the pitfalls

'Cheap' can turn out very expensive!
The options can seem huge and impossible among colorful prospects and a countless number of web sites. But something with a little more substance should hopefully be found behind the front. Hopefully you get what you expect and preferably a little more.

If not, you have made the wrong decision and have to change things all over again. And only you and your company will pick up the bill and struggle with the inconvenience and disappointments over the absent results. We see that a lot – because this is the reason acti-Chem has gotten many new clients over the years!

We believe the decision is easy: you need to choose a partner that will deal you the strongest hand in respect to operation, finances and the environment. For your inspiration we have put together a 10-point check list you can relate to – and which you especially need to relate to your supplier – before make your decision. Click here  to see “The 10 Commandments”.

Our message is, that you benefit the most from leaving your system and production to a competent partner, that has the strength and will to fulfill “The 10 Commandments” for you.

Choose acti-Chem and measure us on our message: Overall best and cheapest!

acti-Chem is not the cheapest when looking only on sales price as EUR/kg or EUR/unit. But that will be impossible for any company that aims at high technology, documentation, and competent and fast customer service.  That this is in fact the right strategy can be validated by our many loyal clients that stay with us and the new one that are added year after year.

On the other hand, we will be the cheapest overall! This means that considering the overall effect and return on investment you will not find anyone better or cheaper – anywhere! This is our Value Promise (read more about this in the menu or click here) and this is the absolute core in our approach to you and your company!

Only a few companies in Europe can deliver a ready and tenable solution for you based on these wide ranged, but necessary, terms. You can validate this statement by presenting the abovementioned 10 points to different candidates, but has time for such time consuming experiments today?

acti-Chem is one of these companies – and the only Danish company – that can and will meet these requirements. We could therefore be a strong candidate as your future partner. You can read more about our competences, and especially the added value we can give you, here on our web site. 

We prefer talking to you about what we can do for you and your company. So let’s have a non-binding talk about your opportunities with us and see where we make a big difference for you! If you contact us today, you will hear from us no later than tomorrow. And if you call us with a specific need, a competent expert can be with you in a couple of hours if you want.

If you want more information about your actual financial situation through your water treatment, click here