Are you ready to test the actual efficiency and guarantees of your water treatment?

'The 10 Commandments' – the check list that shows you which way to go.

Richly colored news of cheap products can tempt us all at first sight. But what is the actual total cost in relation to the guarantees and production figures you need? Then “cheapest” always turn out the most expensive!
If a specialty chemical for water treatment is 20.- DKK cheaper pr. Kilo it can at first glance seem like a good deal. Looking only at DKK/kg It can look like a saving of app. 25-50% and this will tempt almost anyone. But you cannot compare this type of purchase with your usual type of purchases. You need to be aware of the following:

  • What if the dosing turns out to be 50-100% higher than promised?
  • What if your energy- and water usage increase?
  • What if the functionality of the product is not exactly right and the life time and efficiency of your system decrease?
  • Are you all alone with the responsibility without any guarantees for the operation or the figures?

If you for example only use app 200-300 kg chemicals per year, the savings of the abovementioned example is only app. 330.- DKK pr/month. This is not the right place to be saving – not at all! The saving is so small compared to the huge sums of money tied up in your production process.

It can therefore turn out to be the worst possible chance to take compared to all the risks involved – and considering the huge amount of money that can be lost when not choosing the overall most profitable and environmentally correct maintenance of your production. And even if the saving scenario is 5 times bigger, then it is still the wrong risk to take.
Operation and protection should never be jeopardized. You find the largest amount of money in comprehensive solutions, like for example acti-Chem’s Total-Solutions (read more under “Standard Solutions”). Whatever you may be able to save on a can of chemicals or a component completely drowns in this connection. This is what we see every day and this is the reason why our clients choosing acti-Chem.

When you are to make a decision on water treatment concept for your company, it may be an impossible and time consuming process. Time you do not have.

We offer you some inspiration and guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls. Click here.