The Value Promise – our unique promise of added value to you

Overall best and cheapest – we guarantee – but only with acti-Chem!

  • You will be surprised how many opportunities and improvements we create for you
  • You will get a unique solution that you cannot get anywhere else!
  • Backed by a unique guarantee – The Value Promise – which you cannot get anywhere else either!
  • Without investing a single cent!
  • Improved operation, reduced costs, and improved environment – all at once!
  • You can keep focus on your primary tasks – we help you with the rest
  • One supplier to cover all your need including competent local support and service

When water management becomes habit management, you miss out on a lot of great values in your company. Loss of production capacity, loss of efficiency, excessive consumption of energy, water, and chemicals as well as daily time-waste are just some of the serious consequences an ineffective water management will lead to.
With a combination of discipline counseling, specialty chemicals, plant engineering and operations assistance all in one total-concept called Total Water Management acti-Chem is currently the only supplier on the market that can offer you a coherent solution that guarantee improvements, savings and environmental advantages. The habit is broken and the huge values and improvements that are rightfully your will also pay out.
We promise that you will get this added value. And we also guarantee – that we are the only ones on the market that gives this guarantee!

This is what we call The Value Promise and the only thing we require is that you choose a Total Solution from acti-Chem. The Total Solutions are all-inclusive agreements at a fixed price and you will get one overall delivery of unique products combined with counseling and assistance with operation. The Total Solution is executed within the frames of a Total Water Management agreement.  

With a Total Solution you can expect net savings from the solutions, this means that the money you save exceeds the costs you have. We usually multiply this profit for you, this however vary from plant to plant.

Too good to be true? This is what you need to do.

The Survey clarifies how much we can save for you.

The Value Promise is interesting and completely unique on the market. It includes some fantastic opportunities for you and your company.

Therefore we also need to be a bit more specific. In order to present the specific Value Promise to you in figures, you need to complete a short process where we learn something about your plant and the hidden opportunities of it.

This process we call Survey and include spending a half or a whole day on site at your plant. Here we analyse water samples, look at usage numbers, inspect plants etc. You could say that we draw up a DNA profile or a finger print of your situation on that day and use our model to estimate a specific process – ahead and backwards.

Then we present to you how we can change this situation in a positive direction – you actually get your own unique Value Promise.

With this at hand you will insight into you operating situation and a basis for decision that you did not imagine possible.
From first point of contact until the Survey is ready only a few days pass. And if you then decide to collaborate with us, you can be in full optimized operation within an additional couple of days – without investing a single cent!

Please note that our guarantee is conditioned by the collaboration form you choose. We of course always give guarantees for the primary effect of our products, but in order to get the full guarantee without limitation, you must enter into an Expanded Total Water Management agreement (ETWM) with us. This specific form of agreement has an expanded guarantee and you pay separately for this guarantee. You can say that it follows the same principle as a policy with liability and hull on a car. The traditional TWM agreements are all-inclusive agreements but you are responsible for the greater part of the follow-up. We advise you on what to do, but you must execute subsequently. In the Expanded Total Water Management agreement we are liable for much more, but you pay for more as well cf. the principles of an expanded policy. In the types of agreements we offer to follow-up more closely on the solution and the agreements always require installation of a series of automated monitoring systems that are connected to the internet. With a ETWM agreement you also get more added value in return – and this form of agreements is recognized as the future collaboration form regarding water treatment for leading companies.

Contact us today. Read more about the actual differences on the cost side here.