Specifically for chemical engineers

Not many chemical engineers in Denmark have industrial water treatment for cooling, boilers, district heating and processing as their specialty.

acti-Chem’s founder Thomas I. Clausen is a trained chemical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) (1989) and has therefore included a short briefing specifically aimed at chemical engineers who work daily with these disciplines. You may be consulting engineer, work with quality assurance or are responsible for the production- or environmental relations either in a company or with a supervisory authority.

Through your education you have seen how science and results are inseparably interconnected and you have gained insight into the fact that most things can be explained or predicted, if you are analytical enough. You have also observed that saturation balances, corrosion potentials, solubility products, Pourbaix diagrams, Nernst equations, etc are universal laws. No tricks – everything can be explained – even down to the placement of the electrons in a single atom!

Research and product development within specialty chemicals for industrial water treatment does not take place in Denmark – and it never has! It takes places in the major Western European (especially German) and American chemical conglomerates that have the resources and the will to create new products the continuously gets better. Higher efficiency, lower dosing levels, and les environmental consequences during the product life cycle are some of the advantages.

acti-Chem collaborate closely with the leading chemical companies in Western Europe where we participate in dictating the development of new products qua the very specific environmental considerations that are prevalent in our region. You could say that we speak both “their language” and “our language”. Consequently we can bring the newest and highest performing products from the global scene to our clients locally – and hence adapted to the local relations in our region. This has resulted in acti-Chem having a technological lead in many areas and we put this lead at our client’s disposal to their benefit every day!

These are just some of the advantages you get access to by collaborating with acti-Chem:

  • Extensive chemical analysis of water and solids samples (AAS, MS, IR, NMR, GC etc)
  • The opportunity of getting dispensary insight into specialty products for use in for example life cycle analysis.
  • The opportunity for detail declaration of waste water or leakage to soil or ground water.
  • Calculations of equilibrium states and protection against precipitation, corrosion, bacteria growth etc
  • Calculations of energy savings, net and gross climate impacts etc.
  • Development of specialty products for specific plant types and tasks
  • Best-Available- Technology (BAT) and the implementation of Green Energy
  • Extensive documentation of the operation in relation to protection, life time and environmental state.

You are always welcome to contact acti-Chem for a non-binding talk about theoretical and practical chemistry in relation to the water treatment of your company.