To you who builds turn-key plants

No matter if you produce boilers, cooling systems, district heating centrals or processing systems you want your customers to experience a well-functioning operation from day one. The more satisfied your client is, the bigger is the chance that he will choose you again or will recommend you to one of his colleagues.

acti-Chem has participated on a lot of start-ups over the time. The start-ups that were the best and fastest are also the ones where everything has been prepared properly from the beginning. This is where we can help you safely towards the finish line, for example by assisting you in one of these areas:

  • Preliminary investigations and analysis
  • Design and calculations
  • Applications for environmental authorities
  • Delivery of everything from water management, specialty chemistry and plant engineering
  • Assistance for start-up and run-in of the system’s water treatment.
  • Training and education of your client’s operating staff in order to implement self inspection and other procedures.

When the plant/system is handed over and reported ready for operation acti-Chem will still be a constant and loyal partner. We will help your client operate the system in order to ensure that no problems or deviations from the design preconditions arise.

This means that your client will experience a problem-free operation and daily business – something that will confirm his experience of a flawless delivery.

  • Continous plant visits and on site analysis of water samples
  • Assistance for regulation and optimization
  • Extensive documentation and reports that show the actual state of the system
  • Participation in system inspections

Contact us today. The sooner we are included in your project the faster and simpler the process will be and the more money you will save.