This is how we solve your challenge – in practice.


  • No investment – get started for 0.00,-
  • Be operational a few days after first contact
  • We help you with everything from beginning to operation
  • Choose freely between Total Solutions and Products

With acti-Chem you of course choose yourself how you want your challenges solved. We have made it exceptionally easy and make sure that you will get an optimal output that far exceeds your expectations, no matter which collaboration form you choose.

Water Management instead of habit management!
Over the years, our clients have entrusted us with their different challenges. This has given us valuable insight into solutions and how to avoid pit falls. We know that there are no quick-fix solutions and we have witnessed have much money can be earned by doing things right – the first time! We have also seen that if you “do as usual” you cut yourself off from a lot of new opportunities that turn out profitable and right. We call this “introducing water management and out phasing habit management”.

Two collaboration options: Total Solutions or Products – you decide!
We are convinced that the best solution for you and your company lies within the framework of a Total Solution. This is the option that offers you the widest range of advantages and saving. Here we do not start with a single product but with one overall solution including an operational situation that will meet all your expectations.
With a Total Solution you do not have to worry about anything.

  • The Total Solution can be expanded with a unique guarantee (requires separate contract)
  • You will get a detailed demand analysis and the right solution – the first time
  • You get a close collaboration with guaranteed improvements and savings
  • You get a thorough introduction in use and regulation of products
  • You get follow-up and a competent operating assistance on site – on a running basis.

With a combination of discipline counseling, specialty chemicals, plant engineering and operations assistance all in one total-concept called Total Water Management acti-Chem is currently the only supplier on the market that can offer you a coherent solution that guarantee improvements, savings and environmental advantages. Unique and only with acti-Chem.

It all starts with a demands analysis and a coordination of goals and expectations – then we do almost everything for you. When the solution is put into operation we collaborate closely on keeping everything running optimally.
It is therefore that our Total Solutions will always ensure you that improvements on operations, finances and the environment are payable directly to you – just as expected. And if things deviate from the ideal, you can be certain that we stand by and get the system back on track!

  1. Discipline counseling
  2. Specialty chemicals
  3. Plant engineering
  4. Implementation
  5. Operation and service

Total Solutions are all-inclusive agreements where you get one overall solution consisting of discipline counseling, specialty chemicals, plant engineering and local operations optimization on a running basis. We calculate a fixed price for this and you can then turn your back on the project. We usually determine that your gains in form of savings and improvements through our solutions far exceed the price you pay acti-Chem. The actual saving and gains will however not be clarified before the Survey.

Working with acti-Chem will actually make you money net. There are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises – focus is 100% on the goal! Read more about the Total Solution concept here.

However, you also have the option of choosing stand alone products independent from the concept. You then purchase the individual products from the Total Solution and you are then primarily responsible for implementation and optimization. We gladly offer you a standard service agreement in addition to these products, but you yourselves are responsible for the products running optimally and that improvements and savings can be realized. Read more about selected products from the Total Solution here.

No matter if you are in for the full concept or only a single product, we will always be grateful for your collaboration and honor your trust.

We believe we have a lot to offer in both situations and we look forward to you entrusting us with your production equipment. We will not disappoint you.