Cleantech, BAT and Green Chemistry - here and now!

Cleantech or cleaner technology is a synthesis of processes and methods that result in a more sustainable production by using fewer resources (especially energy and water) and by producing less waste. Acti-Chem’s solution truly introduces Cleantech to industrial water management – as pioneering company in our region.

BAT is short for Best Available Technology. BAT is the central element in both Danish and International environmental protection laws and in short it dictate that all of us – producers and consumers – have an obligation to choose the best available technology at any given time.

In order words: if it exists – and is it better – then is must be used, by all of us!

BAT puts a dynamic pressure on all of us. We cannot just lean back and let things slide. All over the world on-going development projects are aiming at increasingly more ambitious goals in relation environmental protection – also within specialty chemicals and water management.

If you choose acti-Chem as your partner, you can be confident that BAT is part of our joint platform, many years into the future. As a young chemical engineering company – founded in 1995 – we have been “raised” with a consciousness towards the environment. Because of our partnership with some of the best chemical engineers in Europe we consider this a natural part of our everyday.

Products with environmental impact are therefore not part of our product platform or strategy. On our solutions can take you further in the right direction than any other on the market. Good for you, good for the economy and good for the environment. 

Another exciting concept within the industry is Green Chemistry.
This is an internationally acknowledged set of rules that define how to develop chemicals and processes in order to minimize waste as much as possible, increase effect and reduce the environmental impact.

No matter if you look for Cleantech, BAT or Green Chemistry, acti-Chem is a partner that has done our homework and we are already able to introduce the newest and best processes and products to your company.

If you are interested in further information on either of these exciting subjects, please contact us.