For you who are responsible for the financial management

"Total Cost of Ownership" and "Total Cost of Operation"!

Two concepts that are being closely followed in any company today:
The request for minimizing the total cost of owning and operating the plant – for the entire life time of the plant!

  • How do you ensure this in the best way? How do you avoid loss?
  • How do you ensure production and maximum live-time – at the same time?
  • How do you at the same time obtain actual environmental gains?
  • And how do you ensure that the employees who are to make it all happen are not burdened unnecessarily?

Being able to link this value adding actions to your water management can at first seem very ambitious.

But that is exactly where you gain something extra from working together with acti-Chem, something you cannot find anywhere else.

Look at the diagram below. It sums up what we see at most companies:
There is a big difference between where you actually are and where you think you are!

This difference involves a lot of money. We find this money for you and make pay off – without compromising your quality, safety or environment! Here is some inspiration for how we take on this challenge:

  • Savings on gas and oil
  • Savings on water and chemicals
  • Optimization of the output of the water treatment
  • Minimizing the need for service and maintenance
  • Extending the life time of the system/plant
  • Time saving
  • CO2 reductions in sales for quota agreements

The opportunities are enormous and often large sums are “hidden” in your company’s systems.
Instead of money disappearing out the door, down the drain and up the chimney all time – let us help you capture these values and make sure your overall finances and earning capacity are improved.
Read more about our Value Promise which is the strongest trump card on the marked and only available when working with acti-Chem.